Event Info

Women Build 2022

May 21, 2022

Will County Habitat for Humanity: Women Build 2022

Will County Habitat for Humanity is hosting its 4th Annual Women Build Event! 

Join us as we RAISE funds, RAISE walls, & CHANGE lives! 

  • Habitat for Humanity's Women Build Program brings women from all walks of life together to devote a day to help families in their local communities build strength, stability, and independence through shelter.
  • The event is meant to spotlight the homeownership challenges faced by many women across the country.
  • When you join the 2022 Women Build initiative, you open a door of opportunity to provide a deserving family with the dream of homeownership.
  • Every helping hand makes a difference and we want to invite YOU to come join us at the Will County Beer & Bourbon Fest where this year's Women Build event will take place.
  • We will be conducting a "Wall Building Event" in which we will build and raise the walls for our next Habitat Home all in ONE day! How amazing is that? 


How it Works
  • Each Women Builder commits to raising a minimum of $350 to reserve their spot to build with us at our "2022 Wall Build Event" — no construction experience needed! 
  • You can participate as a team or individual. 
  • Teams can also be sponsored by their companies!
  • Register here to be part Women Build 2022 today! 

Construction Build Day Opportunity
  • Meet the fundraising goal for you and your team and get scheduled for an on-site building experience!
  • Contact Cheryl Toohey at ctoohey@habitatwill.org for more information. 

Fundraising Details
  • Click here to learn all about this year's "FUN"draising details! 

Why Women Build
  • In the U.S., 1 in 6 households pay half or more of their income on their home.
  • Women are disproportionately affected by this severe cost-burden and make up a larger share of U.S. households living in poverty and as well as receiving government-subsidized housing.
  • At Habitat for Humanity we know that safe, affordable housing means that individuals and families have the opportunity to thrive. However, women face challenges that make it more difficult to access this basic need.These challenges include:
  • Higher Rates of Poverty for Female Heads of Households.
  • 15% of adult women lived in poverty in 2017 and make up 66% of the low-wage workforce.
  • More than 3 out of 4 single parent families are headed by a female. 
  • 30.6% of female-headed households with children are below the poverty level.
  • 60% of children in poverty lived in households headed by women.
  • Housing Discrimination: Minorities, women, and low- and moderate-income borrowers across the United States of America continue to receive a disproportionate amount of high cost loans.
  • The Wage Gap: Women still earn, on average, 80% of what the average male earns.  This challenge is even greater for black and Hispanic women.